Away from the sky
Beyond those tearful eyes
I feel for myself
In your burning disguise
Like a forest with echoes around
You came crawling under the ground …..

In the rain , in the emptiness and silence
The sound that they makes
Like a betrayed violence

-“the devil is you” –

In the broken old piano she keeps weeping
Through my thoughts I Watched her sleeping
With her memories my heart skips beating

-“You did that to her”-
Open your eyes had enough of this loneliness
Let me take you away from this suicidal place
I won’t be for so long..
It’s a mystery where I am from ….

-“I guess she already know”-

Mistakes breaks your hope
No faith can ever make it up to you

-“Stop this betrayal to life”-
When you keep struggling in haze
And realize that there is no escape from this maze

-“observe her tormented soul,like a portrait on the wall”-

The regret of losing her
It’s a mess you’ve already made
Chase as fast as you can
“Indeed you are already late”
Last but not the least just stop turning the page ….

-“finally the sun will melt,  die before you kill yourself “-




 Love and lust …. Such a cost !

When I look into your azured eyes
I feel like having coitus with you
Scruffy hair and balmy hugs
Summons me to the edge of love
My barbaric way of loving you burgeons you emotionally
And how You commit The legal crimes inside my skull
Here I pardon you from all your faults
The baloney desire for every inch of you
Which smells like the bloody moon
Wearing you as a blanket in the cold dark winter night
I need you to want me like I do
To feel you inside of my anxious body , making my every muscles scream in the grasp of ecstasy
Taste the awful me with your tongue
Kiss my needing lips
Enter me conquer me
And see what I see
Feel what I feel
Just deliver me from this emptiness