Away from the sky
Beyond those tearful eyes
I feel for myself
In your burning disguise
Like a forest with echoes around
You came crawling under the ground …..

In the rain , in the emptiness and silence
The sound that they makes
Like a betrayed violence

-“the devil is you” –

In the broken old piano she keeps weeping
Through my thoughts I Watched her sleeping
With her memories my heart skips beating

-“You did that to her”-
Open your eyes had enough of this loneliness
Let me take you away from this suicidal place
I won’t be for so long..
It’s a mystery where I am from ….

-“I guess she already know”-

Mistakes breaks your hope
No faith can ever make it up to you

-“Stop this betrayal to life”-
When you keep struggling in haze
And realize that there is no escape from this maze

-“observe her tormented soul,like a portrait on the wall”-

The regret of losing her
It’s a mess you’ve already made
Chase as fast as you can
“Indeed you are already late”
Last but not the least just stop turning the page ….

-“finally the sun will melt,  die before you kill yourself “-

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