I reckoned the wistful eyes of nameless faces 

It was like the vivid blue sky 

I thought they were from harmless places

I actually thought they could fly 
Mysterious world filled with poetry of lust

Nobody likes to face the truth

Tempted by the sweet small fruit 

How can we be lost …

We were never really in a right path 

So whom shall we call 

To begin or end this Start
Twisted lies no matter how hard we try to hide 

Time will avenge us indeed it will find 

Like the light of a golden sun 

Melting like a helpless candle 

The weight of the world which gravity cannot hold alone 

All the creatures they vanish in thin air 

Like a old man resting in the chair

Waiting for death to arrive 

Yet we are seeking for someone who could bargain for us or even bribe 
A whisper in a cold dark night make us strong giving an advice

It mess with us saying unholy words like a whore in a bed trying to confess to the world 
That’s it  …it’s just a poetry of lust 

Not lost but no one’s ever find 


They Ailed my heart with hammer and nails
I slept quietly under the abhorinng pain

The extremist desire within me hails and melt

Now slowly I began to escape the torture 

Through unholy rituals with priest and chains

And I accepted it as my fate

Like it was my unacceptable culture 

When they started to cut me limb from limb 

That’s where I went mean 

Though I was getting used to it 

I accidentally felt my skin

It was warm,cold was I 

I realised life is a lie 

Then I calmly closed my eyes 

Cos I already paid the price

Cold winter

:) it looks nice

Self created …

In the dark night of winter 
A heart frozen with cold 

A tale of the darkness barely told 

I cut myself to see that I am alive 

For that Iam misguided by bile 

Loneliness starts to starve within me 

Concrete Walls through I can barely see 

A gleam of light impaling the mist

Came shaking through the clouds

The the sound of silence that used to bound me 

Accidentally grew loud 

I saw the bloody moon drowning on it’s own blood 

And the shadow of my mind recreated another world 

A black winter it was so cold and mourn 

A debt that was left to be paid 

Exiled me from my grave 

Then I realized the tragedy that I suffered 

Struggled for my salvation 

The event that never occurred 

Devoted death of thy beauties

Devoted death of thy beauties 

Imagine yourself at the dreamland of demand

Where uh are the creator and got all hands 

False night & true morning 

Dark sunrise, bright foolin’

The sun rises in the sky
And clouds floats so slowly

Love is part of a bible (I heard)

And a unexplainable theory
Thy beautiful faces lying naked in ground

Surround by rumour

Oh! No thats a crowd 

In a longway run very much to get bound
An amorous behavoiur of girls

Presentin amok slightly

The running water of river 

Walkin so quitly 
The nature somtime rumble upon my dream

Even these beauties are dead  still my imagination is clean 

I plight to be forever

But my lord isn’t happy 

Though I got plenty of time 

Still my weight to the world is heavy 
The beautiful angels of dene

Are likely to be deadpan

Ofcourse this babel is callouse 

My dreams never understand 
My heart is capacious 

Distracted by bene 

Though the bone to the muscle of the mind 

are trying to disband my chains
Yes im plucky and naught

Still m mourn 

Yeap my times are hard 

So I let my body burn


Thy beautiful  nature 

Thy beautiful trees 

Thy painful eyes 

My heart beautiful then thee
Main theme is long

Tormented life 

Unspoken words of story 

My only debut song 

Rising towards the glory

Walk into the wild 

Now I walkWalk into the wild
Leaving every mistakes of past behind….I now feel alive …

Here I am walking with hope …

Believing everything will turn to gold.

 How I can be the same when every single little happiness ruins my faith.

Now i’ll be there with no plans. ..

It’s true I did nothing when I had a chance …

So I walk …Walk  Into the wild …

I know it will change sooner or later

I sink while my demons swims.  

The emptiness inside my head no one tries to dwell …

I believe ocean cries at night. .

So they walk with me tonight.

Fearless I am trying to be

Brave I was ….

All those laughter  that I shared 

And the prayers that I prayed ….

I felt something needs to change …

So here I am trying to change 

Tired enough ….. 

Can’t fight this feeling anymore ..

I see nature by my side …

So I walk …Walk into the wild….
I heard rumours …. Earth is dying…

We are killing her …

So I stopped once and looked back …

I was a killer too 

I tried to confess …. Nature did violence too …

So we are even …

Now she will walk with me soon …

In the amusement of my fantasy world …. 

The roar of the lions and birds ….

May be there is no light at the end of tunnel …. 

And leap of hopes keep dying 

But now I walk ….And there’s a silver lining …..

So again walking into the wild ..


Look up into the night sky 

Oh! What a beautiful sight 
Darkness covers his territory

And lights began to hide
Then portrait of the moon

come fading all the stars 
The wind start to move 

And armies began to march
He start to curse every angel who has fallen down

And crucifix every men who fits in his crown 
Beyond all the stories , theres truth that we seek

No the faith and hope, they just makes you weak
Then I heard a loud growling or it was my mind making sound 

And in that tearful silence i fainted unto the ground 
Keep thy kingdom , its a never ending nightmare 

And cast me out already for that Iam aware 
The glory of the virtue , is the poison that we breathe 

The weight of your own soul is a the victim of a myth 
dark nemesis, thoughts are bulky as the earth 

But I’ll come around in circle for that Iam made of dirt 
The pain keeps passing through the hole of my nerve 

Dark nemesis, keeps me going

And it hurts me when Iam loved …

Her beauty

Looking at her beautiful long hair 

I remembered fairy tale of rapungel 

Then she smiled hiding her face 

She looked like an angel  in that wonderful dress

And I stared pretending to not care 

But I did not dared to look in her eyes again 

I catch another breath just to gain some courage 

Trying not to fall for her waiting is the key 

And began to wonder in my imagination 

Whatsoever she is thinking putting myself in her dreams 

I rested in peace with her vibe

Never seen such beauty in my entire life 

Want to write her down ,don’t even know how to describe 

I was chased by my perception

Dreaming out loud I was paralysed 

And started to explore my inception

I got lost and came to believe that deception 

Finally she knock in my heart of reception 

Saying are you alright ?

Before I could find a word to speak 

She vanished in thin air ,just out of my sight ..

Suicide in the silence


My eyes are colliding

Feets are shaking

Heart is exploding

I am going numb by the sound that they are making

I am just a voice inside my head

I dare to leave this place

It’s so disgusting in here

But I am getting used to this mess
I cover my self under Azure sky

I am no sinner but I am punished , I did no crime

Iam tormented ,wished someone would witness me

So they could see

My fears , through my tears

That I shed

I am nothing but a shadow inside this large empty room

I won’t be long for soon

As I see the bleeding moon

After the afternoon

I feel nothing but my exit wound
I hide when the truths starts to lie,It makes me paralysed

Still I don’t want to die

But being friendly I drowned with this violence

And finally committed suicide in this silence …



Feets shaking 

Eyes are weary 

Ache in my heart 

Visions are blurry

Clock slowly tik ‘n tock

Thoughts are heavy 

All those memories 

I long to miss it again

I hope your satisfied with your dreams 

Mine betrayed me 

Iam lost 

Who would want to be found? Since you became unknown to me 

Iam just a face in the crowd 
Hands are weak 

Lungs are collapsing 

The way you used to run your fingers through my hair 

That time keep passing 

Now Iam the only , so lonely 

They call me 

See Iam crying , but tears they don’t fall 

I look pale , so beautifully insane 

You left without a kiss 

Like a rose in the rain 

And I was gravitated by the gravity 

Like a diamond and the star 

Sky called me “oh darling what a tragedy you are ” ..

As I think about your eyes 

And how your skin made me cry 

I would give every thing

To feel your thin blue jeans


Holding you close , sinking you in my arms 

Your sweaty smell , that hypnotic charm 

I would give a try to find you in someone else 

Just to clear my filthy head and wasteful love mess 
How You spoiled me with your touch 

Laying awake in the couch 

Your Kiss beneath my neck

A love song of ancient lake

An unholy promise to break a heart 

Which can be seen through  my chest