Cold winter

:) it looks nice

Self created …

In the dark night of winter 
A heart frozen with cold 

A tale of the darkness barely told 

I cut myself to see that I am alive 

For that Iam misguided by bile 

Loneliness starts to starve within me 

Concrete Walls through I can barely see 

A gleam of light impaling the mist

Came shaking through the clouds

The the sound of silence that used to bound me 

Accidentally grew loud 

I saw the bloody moon drowning on it’s own blood 

And the shadow of my mind recreated another world 

A black winter it was so cold and mourn 

A debt that was left to be paid 

Exiled me from my grave 

Then I realized the tragedy that I suffered 

Struggled for my salvation 

The event that never occurred 


5 thoughts on “Cold winter

  1. Cold dark winter. It’s dark and cold, but it’s winter after all. And because it’s winter, spring will always come. It’s in the mechanisms of nature. So just you wait. It will happen.

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