Feets shaking 

Eyes are weary 

Ache in my heart 

Visions are blurry

Clock slowly tik ‘n tock

Thoughts are heavy 

All those memories 

I long to miss it again

I hope your satisfied with your dreams 

Mine betrayed me 

Iam lost 

Who would want to be found? Since you became unknown to me 

Iam just a face in the crowd 
Hands are weak 

Lungs are collapsing 

The way you used to run your fingers through my hair 

That time keep passing 

Now Iam the only , so lonely 

They call me 

See Iam crying , but tears they don’t fall 

I look pale , so beautifully insane 

You left without a kiss 

Like a rose in the rain 

And I was gravitated by the gravity 

Like a diamond and the star 

Sky called me “oh darling what a tragedy you are ” ..

As I think about your eyes 

And how your skin made me cry 

I would give every thing

To feel your thin blue jeans


Holding you close , sinking you in my arms 

Your sweaty smell , that hypnotic charm 

I would give a try to find you in someone else 

Just to clear my filthy head and wasteful love mess 
How You spoiled me with your touch 

Laying awake in the couch 

Your Kiss beneath my neck

A love song of ancient lake

An unholy promise to break a heart 

Which can be seen through  my chest 



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