I feel you like a rose feel the rain 

Pouring my face and washes my pain away 

Your touch of lips on my lips 

Holding you close that’s not enough 

I want more from you 
In the silence of the night 

In the darkness of your fear 

You won’t find yourself alone 

In this emptiness 

You can see your life through my eyes 

All those truth that burns within my lies 

Save my soul,I am throwing my shadow on the floor 

Iam loosing you in sight

You are shining so bright

And Iam scared of light 


It’s your memories

Only memories  

that’s burning all around 

Your echoes and Your sound 

I’ll hide you in my POETRY 

That’s all I can do …

That’s all I have … 

The only gift from you …

Memories …..


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