Look up into the night sky 

Oh! What a beautiful sight 
Darkness covers his territory

And lights began to hide
Then portrait of the moon

come fading all the stars 
The wind start to move 

And armies began to march
He start to curse every angel who has fallen down

And crucifix every men who fits in his crown 
Beyond all the stories , theres truth that we seek

No the faith and hope, they just makes you weak
Then I heard a loud growling or it was my mind making sound 

And in that tearful silence i fainted unto the ground 
Keep thy kingdom , its a never ending nightmare 

And cast me out already for that Iam aware 
The glory of the virtue , is the poison that we breathe 

The weight of your own soul is a the victim of a myth 
dark nemesis, thoughts are bulky as the earth 

But I’ll come around in circle for that Iam made of dirt 
The pain keeps passing through the hole of my nerve 

Dark nemesis, keeps me going

And it hurts me when Iam loved …


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