Suicide in the silence


My eyes are colliding

Feets are shaking

Heart is exploding

I am going numb by the sound that they are making

I am just a voice inside my head

I dare to leave this place

It’s so disgusting in here

But I am getting used to this mess
I cover my self under Azure sky

I am no sinner but I am punished , I did no crime

Iam tormented ,wished someone would witness me

So they could see

My fears , through my tears

That I shed

I am nothing but a shadow inside this large empty room

I won’t be long for soon

As I see the bleeding moon

After the afternoon

I feel nothing but my exit wound
I hide when the truths starts to lie,It makes me paralysed

Still I don’t want to die

But being friendly I drowned with this violence

And finally committed suicide in this silence …



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