Walk into the wild 

Now I walkWalk into the wild
Leaving every mistakes of past behind….I now feel alive …

Here I am walking with hope …

Believing everything will turn to gold.

 How I can be the same when every single little happiness ruins my faith.

Now i’ll be there with no plans. ..

It’s true I did nothing when I had a chance …

So I walk …Walk  Into the wild …

I know it will change sooner or later

I sink while my demons swims.  

The emptiness inside my head no one tries to dwell …

I believe ocean cries at night. .

So they walk with me tonight.

Fearless I am trying to be

Brave I was ….

All those laughter  that I shared 

And the prayers that I prayed ….

I felt something needs to change …

So here I am trying to change 

Tired enough ….. 

Can’t fight this feeling anymore ..

I see nature by my side …

So I walk …Walk into the wild….
I heard rumours …. Earth is dying…

We are killing her …

So I stopped once and looked back …

I was a killer too 

I tried to confess …. Nature did violence too …

So we are even …

Now she will walk with me soon …

In the amusement of my fantasy world …. 

The roar of the lions and birds ….

May be there is no light at the end of tunnel …. 

And leap of hopes keep dying 

But now I walk ….And there’s a silver lining …..

So again walking into the wild ..


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