Witness me 

In the nights of September 

When I walked through my corridor 

All I can see is the lies 

Crawling through the floor 

I have so much pain in my chest 

All regrets and mistakes 

It’s burning me 

And I am sure 
Truth to be told 

I’ll be here no more 

Got nothing left , but emptiness 

Don’t even have soul , cause I already sold it before 
In the cold dark night , 

When darkness haunts my thoughts 

I seek for a place to hide 

With all the energy I’ve  got 

I have something to show you 

But don’t think I can

Hope you would forgive me 

And understand
When I hear cries at the night and demons in their lies 

Summon me to their feast 

Feed me with my greed 

I wander in my head 

Is there someone to witness me ?



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