THE WARRIOR’s revenge 

​”5 years of pain 

15 years of suffering 

20 year old privilege 

And you think you know something about hatred ?? ”
I can‘t let you live your life in awaiting forgiveness 

Cause my vengeance is so loud 

Even if you try to confess the sins that shines through your skin 

I will still watch you fall to the ground 

I will hear the words that comes out of your throat 

And I will pretend that I feel you somehow 

And laugh with the agony inside of my heart 

slow and barbaric death of yours would satisfy me 

Forgive you ?? Nah it would only purify me

Even if you are forgiven by lord 

Your death would remind him of the mistake that he did before 

And never let his pride pushed through his faith again 
The things you did to me left the scar on my soul 

The cursed disease that you spread inside me 

Became my cure 

And iam now dancing in darkness 

Raising a tost to your defeat 

Won’t you forgive me 

Consider it done ,  I want to hear it from you 

See through my eyes the life of BETRAYAL

Don’t  you pity me ? 
Now I had raised the sails…

Straight to horizon to the garden of dream

And I can still hear you scream 

Save your strength , the struggle is worthless 

When the vengeance is too loud 

The heartbeats fades away slowly 

So let go of your pride 

Turn the page it’s the end of the story ……

The hell awaits 

19 thoughts on “THE WARRIOR’s revenge 

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  2. Reblogged this on grimmgirldotcom and commented:
    Forgive me Grimms!

    I have been skipping out on Flashback Friday’s these last few weeks and I apologize. However today’s Flashback will make it up to you tenfold. Today’s post comes from a blogger that I have only recently discovered.

    DarsaPoetry recently followed me and thank heavens for that or I may never have discovered such a talented writer. So today I’ll be showcasing DarsaPoetry’s poem “The Warrior’s revenge” one of the first poems I had the pleasure of reading.

    This isn’t much of a “Flashback” exactly, since it was published on December 2nd but I’m sure many of you may be unaware of this talented artist so it certainly deserves a reblog in my opinion.

    If you (like me) are a huge fan of written word you are not only going to enjoy this poetry but you will want to check out the rest of DarsaPoetry’s work. I’m in love with the vibe of the poetry pieces I have read so far. They remind me of Grimm fairy tales and Edgar Allen Poe. Which as many of you all ready know are some of my favorite things to read.

    You know I love anime and you know I love makeup but this weekend I plan on kicking back and diving into Darsapoetry’s work. I hope you will all join me!

    Don’t forget to stop by Darsapoetry’s site (by clicking on the name)!

    Happy Weekend!

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  3. I am so glad I was able to find your work. You are very talented and I love the vibe and pictures you are able to create with your words. I hope it is okay but I do this thing on my site where I showcase work by other bloggers (I always link back and credit the original source) this week I decided to use this piece. I was just floored by the imagery of your words. Any I look forward to reading more of your work!

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  4. I don’t know the first thing about rage, but something about your poem clicked something into place. I guess somedays you have to let the warrior live on!

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