Long long time ago

The day when the times were wrong

Winter with no shadow of sun

No light would impale the mist

Harsh tale of misunderstood gist

A story I heard about’ her

My thoughts started to crown her

Sometimes in darker days and moonless night

Where she allegedly committed

So heinous crimes

It’s hard to even talk about

“Most prolific murderess of all time “

Tortured so many girls and hanged

Their ghost dangles from the branch

Not such a dearly place to live

“A place where the sun scarcely ever shines”

Those blue sapphire eyes

Spellbinding beautiful skin

I was flummoxed in her presence

All her smell were for my amusement

Her entire fortune of beauty up for an auction

I hesitated to stand before her

For fear that she would read my thoughts

I strangled my emotions

But it came out emotionally

Her cheeks grown flushed

Shy and trembling

Through the corner of her lucid eyes

One thing kept resembling

The perceptive thoughts of mine

Stepped out of my mind

Longing for salvation

They carried so much burden

That they could infect your heart

That disease have no cure

It would tear you apart


 to be continued…


Never satisfying enoughness

Late night lying numb on my bed

And the feeling rushing through my veins 

The echoes of darkness ringing in my head 

Going through each and every dimensions of my life 

The broken vows and mistakes that I made 

Deliver me from this place 

My heart says 

Guilty as charged 

All the melodies of past pouring like the rain 

Memories at stake like a blade at the edge of a blade

Everything seems like a dream no sign of heart pumping and lungs breathing 

I simply ignore and avoid the life of mine 

Which accidentally can’t be fine 

What is happiness now I fell ,I think I am not even sure 

Nothing is sophisticated yet 

Even though enough was never satisfying before 

                                                                                                                                   ∏darkness within‡ 


Melodic chaos 


I reckoned the same feeling today 
It was just a flash back 

Now I feel I’m complete 

But I know what I lack 

Waited to witness miracle

Like progression of chords 

The melodic chaos in distance 

Where the poet seeks the word 

Then the rythem of heartbeat 

Grew so loud 

All those stories of struggle 

Became the face in the crowd