Bathory (part-ii)


Bathory part 2

It was wrong to visit her place again 

I wish I would’ve never come here

But it can’t be done

She can’t be ignored that easily

She haunts every bit of my ecstasy

And she saw me yes, she did

My presence in her blooded chamber 

It’s the thing that she forbids

Back then under those twinkling and glittering stars

One thing I wished for and still I’m not truly sure

I felt a nightmare coming

I don’t want to sleep tonight

The night purposed me with colors

The thing it lacked the most

Blessed me with bleeding curse

That came with the cost

I felt a reflex, of pulling my hand from a flame

Even being the greatest murderess

No, she can’t be blamed

Saddest part is that she was the beauty and forever its slave

Her entire mesmerized hair got ashamed

I’ve miraculously fallen in love with a corpse

My soul was coming back to life

That kept decaying inside

And slowly the bitterness of love turned to sour

Sour turned to sweet

And despite of all my efforts

I finally yield and fallen to my knees.

3 thoughts on “Bathory (part-ii)

  1. I have no idea of poems and all ..but your writing is …..deep connected. …..with your thoughts ….The feeling is mesmerizing when I read your poems
    Great work …keep going ☺☺☺

    Liked by 1 person

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