Mind Escape

I borrowed the sorrow from the book of horror …. Which has a chapter yet to come …. “A tomorrow”
Ready to dismiss my demons that betrayed me, goodness I do not see.
Patience I could not be ….

I repent, disabilities that my conscious paint, half of me insane, another half saint…
Previously, precious me declared the war against the world,
All those visions I see, just blurred
Uncharted territory of my mind needed to be explored..
Only if I could find a door, to the shore, I would make a boat and sail to the horizon….. Where pain will be no more.

Loneliness which is the key, suicidal thoughts, soul is the fee .
Peace there is none, thought’s heavy, hopes are gone …
Tonight’s the night, tomorrow is the day I die, medicated, injected, several drugs from the store, not even one is sophisticated enough … Suggest me some more …

Filed a complaint, this soul of mine is getting old, confession there is a lot…
Motivation there is none, instead of inspiration, purification , I was locked inside the walls of asylum for several years or more ….
Terrors of the dark for sure …
Heaven knows, I prayed, heaven knows I cried, hell even lord took me by surprise…
Blessed me with mortality, he quote… “You shall not die” …


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