Awake, fainted and nothing more.

I’ve encountered, so close , closely a dream that recurred.
So gently i fell asleep, so calmly  came same nightmare of course.
May be in the morning, may be the night before.
Always i felt so strangled, as i hear a knock on the door.
When i stare, stare straight into the rain or snow, a reflection i see that haunts me reflected through a cosy hole.
The door is red, painted red, everything else is dark and pale.
Scared and tangled with Nothingness i feel so bored.
Once I reached towards the knob, this time i’ll open for sure, the door disappears, i am awake, fainted and nothing more.
This reality of illusion, i do not understand, been trapped in a dream, with a dream, a dream i never dreamed before.
This feel i am feeling, this feeling i never felt before, how i have encountered a dream, dreaming and nothing more.
Hope i close my eyes Tonight, may be i’ll dream for sure, a nightmare i live in, within a dream that recurred
Never will i ever, open my eyes,or  this reality fades for sure, an illusion i am dreaming, i adore, it’s so pure.
Again there’s a knocking, tapping in the same door as before, this time i opened it.
I am awake, fainted and nothing more.