I reckoned the wistful eyes of nameless faces 

It was like the vivid blue sky 

I thought they were from harmless places

I actually thought they could fly 
Mysterious world filled with poetry of lust

Nobody likes to face the truth

Tempted by the sweet small fruit 

How can we be lost …

We were never really in a right path 

So whom shall we call 

To begin or end this Start
Twisted lies no matter how hard we try to hide 

Time will avenge us indeed it will find 

Like the light of a golden sun 

Melting like a helpless candle 

The weight of the world which gravity cannot hold alone 

All the creatures they vanish in thin air 

Like a old man resting in the chair

Waiting for death to arrive 

Yet we are seeking for someone who could bargain for us or even bribe 
A whisper in a cold dark night make us strong giving an advice

It mess with us saying unholy words like a whore in a bed trying to confess to the world 
That’s it  …it’s just a poetry of lust 

Not lost but no one’s ever find 


I feel you like a rose feel the rain 

Pouring my face and washes my pain away 

Your touch of lips on my lips 

Holding you close that’s not enough 

I want more from you 
In the silence of the night 

In the darkness of your fear 

You won’t find yourself alone 

In this emptiness 

You can see your life through my eyes 

All those truth that burns within my lies 

Save my soul,I am throwing my shadow on the floor 

Iam loosing you in sight

You are shining so bright

And Iam scared of light 


It’s your memories

Only memories  

that’s burning all around 

Your echoes and Your sound 

I’ll hide you in my POETRY 

That’s all I can do …

That’s all I have … 

The only gift from you …

Memories …..



Her face in my mind 

A recurring dream of some kind 

Yet I ended up kissing her cold mirror

That holds the beauty inside 

The ugliest parts of her turns out to form a horrific image 

How I drowned in her fragments of fantasy 

The only thing I regret 

Her fountain of lolicon mountain 

to the edge I walked 

The turning graves under the ground 

As I walk into that filth of haze 

Nearly visible of everything they own 

She crawled like a child towards me 

Took me somewhere so none can follow 

Then in the blaze of fire I stand 

And prayed within that maze of hollow 

The mistake I did was to look in her eyes again 

As she was the queen of snow her body just covered in her skin that she lives in 

Awful scenario of her naked truth of lies 

When she began to seduce me by playing her erected nipples and body parts

The only thing I was into was her constant lart 

When she summoned her dying prophet 

His prophetic words started to run through me 

And throughout the exorcism of my baleful dilemma 

I was rescued by her distracting plagues 
She began to crawl in my neck 

With the little scratches I bleed

She kissed my melting skin

And pressed my knolb of bones 

As she began to skin me alive 

And fuck me with her faith of 


My whole body was begging with mourns 

And shall I let you go she said Under the bleeding moon 

She tattooed her love with flames in my chest 

And I found myself laying naked in my deathbed 

I never happend to notice the time that I spend in her dreams of mine 

The sorrow that I felt was gone 

She still purifies me in the wasteful night in my messy mind 





 Love and lust …. Such a cost !

When I look into your azured eyes
I feel like having coitus with you
Scruffy hair and balmy hugs
Summons me to the edge of love
My barbaric way of loving you burgeons you emotionally
And how You commit The legal crimes inside my skull
Here I pardon you from all your faults
The baloney desire for every inch of you
Which smells like the bloody moon
Wearing you as a blanket in the cold dark winter night
I need you to want me like I do
To feel you inside of my anxious body , making my every muscles scream in the grasp of ecstasy
Taste the awful me with your tongue
Kiss my needing lips
Enter me conquer me
And see what I see
Feel what I feel
Just deliver me from this emptiness