Ethereal Lullaby

Ethereal Lullaby

Unknowingly i decent
towards the ephemeral light
covered in dust and mud
no place to hide
with Ineffable pain i suffer
as i was through the buried obstacles
Radiant bright light i saw
Resonant of my silence so sapphire and pure
there will be peace, there will be peace
i cried out loud
the grotesque image of my shadow
followed me like a parasite
sang tranquility of my symphony
as i rolled my eyes
all those dreams that betrayed me
so innocence they act
while they put me in this bar-less prison
…(sing me another lullaby)
you are yet to be forgiven…

Lost and Found

Lost and found.

Far away in a distant
I am like a voice,Fading …
Echoes of my memories finally, escaping…

                                                                                                              I asked you to hide me …..lost and found

There is no one here to guide me …
I am disappearing from your eyes now …
But you know where to find me ..

I am all alone in this Cold world
So fragile and broken
It’s too late to hold me but won’t you conceal

Drifting away, far away in search of treasures …
There is no direction … There is no sign.
Only shadow of darkness behind my eyes …

Far away in a distant
There is bittersweet of love
Pieces of me on the ground, surrounded by mystic fog.
Won’t you come here to guide me …
Keep me in your eyes and hide me..

Was Drifting away, far away in search of treasures …
There was no direction … There was no sign.
I think i found my home now … Among the Stars i shine.


Her beauty

Looking at her beautiful long hair 

I remembered fairy tale of rapungel 

Then she smiled hiding her face 

She looked like an angel  in that wonderful dress

And I stared pretending to not care 

But I did not dared to look in her eyes again 

I catch another breath just to gain some courage 

Trying not to fall for her waiting is the key 

And began to wonder in my imagination 

Whatsoever she is thinking putting myself in her dreams 

I rested in peace with her vibe

Never seen such beauty in my entire life 

Want to write her down ,don’t even know how to describe 

I was chased by my perception

Dreaming out loud I was paralysed 

And started to explore my inception

I got lost and came to believe that deception 

Finally she knock in my heart of reception 

Saying are you alright ?

Before I could find a word to speak 

She vanished in thin air ,just out of my sight ..




 Love and lust …. Such a cost !

When I look into your azured eyes
I feel like having coitus with you
Scruffy hair and balmy hugs
Summons me to the edge of love
My barbaric way of loving you burgeons you emotionally
And how You commit The legal crimes inside my skull
Here I pardon you from all your faults
The baloney desire for every inch of you
Which smells like the bloody moon
Wearing you as a blanket in the cold dark winter night
I need you to want me like I do
To feel you inside of my anxious body , making my every muscles scream in the grasp of ecstasy
Taste the awful me with your tongue
Kiss my needing lips
Enter me conquer me
And see what I see
Feel what I feel
Just deliver me from this emptiness