I wish I was your worst nightmare ,So you could actually remember to avoid 
I wish you were my fascinating dream ,Which can easily fill the void 

I wish I was your eco in large empty room, So you must hear me without seeking second choice 

I wish you were my words ,In which I can totally rejoice 

I wish I was your unplanned trip ,So you could accidentally come and visit 

I wish you were my favorite spot ,Which I can hardly resist 

I wish I was your hypothetical thought, Which has no proof of its existence 

I wish you were my theory of everything So I could be at your assistance




all started with the rain 

Flat , sceptical bouncing ,dancing all over the world 

I could hear the sound of it 

Like it was raining all over the face of the earth 

I sat quietly , shut my self up closing every doors of my mind , even dreams 

And I heard rain whispering into my ear … It had me hypnotize with it’s demonic melody of truth , lies , sorrows , faith 

It simply created a symphony of silent fear 

Drowning me into the depth of it 

Even asked me to let it touch my skin ..for that it would wipe my pain , melt my darkness to the ground 

And through that it would grow a flower 

A rose for an example 

Beautiful pearls of beauty 

With sharp thrones 

I heard him , like a curious child with curiosity wandering across the distance in my mind trying to figure out the life through the confidence of concentration 

Oh ! I heard him 

Like he was telling the truth 

Which was a seed of lie 

That Apple which didn’t fall to far from the tree 

It was all same , all alike 

Mysterious , overwhelming , disastrous feeling of existence 

Travelling with reality an appearance of tormented soul with a vessel .. Which is even more weaker than itself ..
It started to get more furious like heaven had come to an end 

All hell break loose … People running to feel safe 

Like they had nothing to loose 

Though they never gained much still they worry about the tormented soul inside of them 

They say when you see the face of death your worst fear becomes your best opportunity to survive 

 It asked me again while I was quietly waiting for the end of the world like everybody does 

I didn’t refuse , I simply didn’t care

I watched them like the movies something snapped me into my consciousness 

The pages of dimensions in the sky 

It was my opportunity like I said 

My curiosity 

My visionary sarcasm of reality 

It tried  to convince myself to let me be part of it .

My head hurt like hell it was aching like never before 

It gave me an option to fall back or be the part of it 

I doubted my existence 

Remained inside my vicious thoughts 

I lost control over time between reality and dream 

And it all started with the rain 

Patterning , making a sympathetic poetry of my life 

It all started to get merge within me 

Like I was the only consumer 

Even though my sins wore not pardon yet  

Who am I to refuse , to be blind for the world that never did exist 

Everything started to make sense now 

Even darkness is colored with the deep wave 

It enlightened me to my dignity 

Defined the real portions of life 

The patterns of everything in me 

I summarized it 

The wave hit me 

Rain touched the skin I lived in 

Faded me away like a dust 

I slowly disappeared ….

Faded away ….. Just faded away