Awake, fainted and nothing more.

I’ve encountered, so close , closely a dream that recurred.
So gently i fell asleep, so calmly  came same nightmare of course.
May be in the morning, may be the night before.
Always i felt so strangled, as i hear a knock on the door.
When i stare, stare straight into the rain or snow, a reflection i see that haunts me reflected through a cosy hole.
The door is red, painted red, everything else is dark and pale.
Scared and tangled with Nothingness i feel so bored.
Once I reached towards the knob, this time i’ll open for sure, the door disappears, i am awake, fainted and nothing more.
This reality of illusion, i do not understand, been trapped in a dream, with a dream, a dream i never dreamed before.
This feel i am feeling, this feeling i never felt before, how i have encountered a dream, dreaming and nothing more.
Hope i close my eyes Tonight, may be i’ll dream for sure, a nightmare i live in, within a dream that recurred
Never will i ever, open my eyes,or  this reality fades for sure, an illusion i am dreaming, i adore, it’s so pure.
Again there’s a knocking, tapping in the same door as before, this time i opened it.
I am awake, fainted and nothing more.

Ethereal Lullaby

Ethereal Lullaby

Unknowingly i decent
towards the ephemeral light
covered in dust and mud
no place to hide
with Ineffable pain i suffer
as i was through the buried obstacles
Radiant bright light i saw
Resonant of my silence so sapphire and pure
there will be peace, there will be peace
i cried out loud
the grotesque image of my shadow
followed me like a parasite
sang tranquility of my symphony
as i rolled my eyes
all those dreams that betrayed me
so innocence they act
while they put me in this bar-less prison
…(sing me another lullaby)
you are yet to be forgiven…

Lost and Found

Lost and found.

Far away in a distant
I am like a voice,Fading …
Echoes of my memories finally, escaping…

                                                                                                              I asked you to hide me …..lost and found

There is no one here to guide me …
I am disappearing from your eyes now …
But you know where to find me ..

I am all alone in this Cold world
So fragile and broken
It’s too late to hold me but won’t you conceal

Drifting away, far away in search of treasures …
There is no direction … There is no sign.
Only shadow of darkness behind my eyes …

Far away in a distant
There is bittersweet of love
Pieces of me on the ground, surrounded by mystic fog.
Won’t you come here to guide me …
Keep me in your eyes and hide me..

Was Drifting away, far away in search of treasures …
There was no direction … There was no sign.
I think i found my home now … Among the Stars i shine.


Rainbow Tears

rainbow tears

Far away, beyond sapiens imagination pills

There is a place, where time is still.

So constant, isolated and peaceful

The enigma of mind couldn’t fathom.
Where is this place? Elizabeth asked.
Hold that thought my dear, we have to leave, I sense fear
It like living in a room full of aromatic delights
Dark is the place, so charismatic, and wide
Variety of possibilities are yet to arrive
Gone are the gods, train to survive
Broken are the vows, the promises, heart is thrived …
You sell Japanese dolls, why you chase aging idols ??
Where as, I pour these essence of pain into the words, each rhyme after rhyme … Mercy there is none, calm multiple minds of mine ….
I write POETRY potentially matching the frequencies when thoughts collides.
 Blur it might seem, water that rolls through my Eyes to the face and drops into the torn pages …
Patience , so realistic adoption…
I been paralyzed since ages ..
This insanity is a gift.. Words melts and creates symphonies now… Enchantment, bells, the birds the sound that I hear ….
Hold on to that thought my dear….
There is so much more inside these rainbow tears.

Bad Habit

This bad little habit of mine
Possessed me since I was nine
For months I suffered from the thirst
Then finally I committed a crime
No it was not the murder or homicide of some kind
Just a bad habit of lying by telling the truth … No I didn’t have much time

Oh this tricky habit of mine
Always kicks me out from my life
For decades I suffered from the pain
Then I finally forced my self to decide no I did not punished my self and cry
Just a bad habit of keeping secrets all the time

What’s wrong with the hidden truth?
I thought it was quite an art ….
My trophies of lies and secret …
A camouflage of my confusion and heart…
How pathetic are you?
Don’t you have any dirty little secrets?
Tell me where do you hide??

Well this awe , pitiful habit of mine
Deep down I know how they shine ..
All those encounter with real me
Makes me believe, that was a mistake of mine …
Oh dearest habit of mine ….
Won’t you let me go … I think its time.
Leave me with my mess its mine..
Before I commit so heneous crime
Because when I stop following you …. I’ll know i’ll sleep in time …

Dear moody habit of mine you fluctuates temperature of my mind

Mind Escape

I borrowed the sorrow from the book of horror …. Which has a chapter yet to come …. “A tomorrow”
Ready to dismiss my demons that betrayed me, goodness I do not see.
Patience I could not be ….

I repent, disabilities that my conscious paint, half of me insane, another half saint…
Previously, precious me declared the war against the world,
All those visions I see, just blurred
Uncharted territory of my mind needed to be explored..
Only if I could find a door, to the shore, I would make a boat and sail to the horizon….. Where pain will be no more.

Loneliness which is the key, suicidal thoughts, soul is the fee .
Peace there is none, thought’s heavy, hopes are gone …
Tonight’s the night, tomorrow is the day I die, medicated, injected, several drugs from the store, not even one is sophisticated enough … Suggest me some more …

Filed a complaint, this soul of mine is getting old, confession there is a lot…
Motivation there is none, instead of inspiration, purification , I was locked inside the walls of asylum for several years or more ….
Terrors of the dark for sure …
Heaven knows, I prayed, heaven knows I cried, hell even lord took me by surprise…
Blessed me with mortality, he quote… “You shall not die” …


Graveyard of lonely sins

Irrational operations of my heart 

Ongoing investigation in my mind 

I am already lost in this filthy world 

Gathering time to find my kind 

Foreign pain came to haunt me down

In the midst of the graveyard I was found 

I laid my body so, I could dream of you 

My patience falling apart, I don’t hear your sound 

I tired so hard to escape this twisted feel 

But darkness sure have some amazing skills 

I broke down but,  still I avoid 

I am just not welcome in this empty void 

Yet, I look for your sparkling eyes, 

So, I could hide 

But you left me with no choice 

How I ignored the wisdom advice 

Now, I wish for a bright blue sky

But I was eternally burned how I’m I supposed to fly …
These painted sins over the walls 

Now they are calling me to witness my fall 

Who is that exists with me ? 

I am caving in , these walls are growing tall 

Like a Angel who don’t wear their wings 

And the whispers that makes me swing 

But now I am praying for one more chance 

Just to catch you with another glance how well I learned to starve my sins

Visions blurry yet, my imagination is clean …

I am so deeply lost within… 

How beautiful the dark can be ??

Waited enough to see through it …

But there is nothing wrong with me 

You touched me, I am cursed … 

Not a soul to witness me ..

Bathory (part-ii)


Bathory part 2

It was wrong to visit her place again 

I wish I would’ve never come here

But it can’t be done

She can’t be ignored that easily

She haunts every bit of my ecstasy

And she saw me yes, she did

My presence in her blooded chamber 

It’s the thing that she forbids

Back then under those twinkling and glittering stars

One thing I wished for and still I’m not truly sure

I felt a nightmare coming

I don’t want to sleep tonight

The night purposed me with colors

The thing it lacked the most

Blessed me with bleeding curse

That came with the cost

I felt a reflex, of pulling my hand from a flame

Even being the greatest murderess

No, she can’t be blamed

Saddest part is that she was the beauty and forever its slave

Her entire mesmerized hair got ashamed

I’ve miraculously fallen in love with a corpse

My soul was coming back to life

That kept decaying inside

And slowly the bitterness of love turned to sour

Sour turned to sweet

And despite of all my efforts

I finally yield and fallen to my knees.

unholy encounter

Her eyes silenced my demons in very first sight .

An unholy encounter of darkness and light 

The look in her eyes, those insolence charm hidden behind her innocent face 

Made me realize ,that we both 

Got stupid dreams

Dreams that can be injurious inside 

And my thoughts started to fight 

How I stared at your face 

Hallucinating within, my mind 

She politely asked me to move aside 

Oh ! Those words of wisdom 

She became the guide to my life 

My weary arms were so eager to grab her tight 

But yet I stayed in dark cause I was scared of the light

She smiled looking at me..

Playing with my mind ..

She accidentally committed a crime 

But how she can be blamed ..

My demons already crossed the line 

Then she ignored me just a little 

Why in world this has to happen 

I felt I was born to live brittle 

So brittle that her charm could break me and my heart ❤

And then she touched , oh ! The way she touched 

I quietly felt my sorrows fading away far away from me … As I watched .

She said you don’t deserve this way 

Again she played with my mind 

Though this truth was bitter, it was already a gloomy day 

So thick and dense forest it was 

And the words runs so deep in my veins 

Now it rained it rained so hard 

She unintentionally disbanded my chains 

Then she grabbed me so gently 

Yet it generated numerous amount of pain 

How can I stay calm her love already drove me Insane 

Those line on her face the way they resembles her story 

As I tried to read her eyes, my heard started worry 

She ran her fingers through my hair 

She played with them for a while 

Then she grabbed it so tight 

And exposed me to her light 

I seek for a place to hide, but the time betrayed me …

I exploded into her eyes …

How I cried , how she wiped those tears 

No disguise could be so pure 

Where was she hiding all those years 

I asked my self to defend my soul .

A dangerous mistake was done

It was not there and she had already be gone ….

Inside my grave, darkness so deep 

I was awake but she  offered me eternal sleep

How she lied , how I died ….

Here lies the victim, there goes the criminal committing another crime …